Swisstom AG

Swisstom AG, located in Landquart, Switzerland, develops and manufactures innovative medical devices. Our new lung function monitor enables life-saving treatments for patients in intensive care and during general anesthesia.

Unlike traditional tomography, Swisstom´s bedside imaging is based on non-radiating principles: Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT). To date, no comparable devices can show such regional organ function continuously and in real-time at the patient’s bedside.

Swisstom creates its competitive edge by passionate leadership in non-invasive tomography with the goal to improve individual lives and therapies.


Something is going on in the canton of Grisons (Graubuenden)

Landquart is located in the district of Igis at the gateway to the canton of Grisons (Graubuenden) in the Rhine valley. Not far from here is the language border between German- and Latin-speaking Europe. Ever since the construction of the Rhaetian Railway to Davos at the beginning of the last century, more and more companies have settled in Landquart, supplying goods to regional tourist areas. As a regional center of the lower Rhine valley, Landquart is also home to a variety of service enterprises.

Landquart is characterized by its exceptional economic climate. Regional administration bodies and institutions explicitly encourage high-tech companies to settle in the alpine Rhine Valley. Educational institutions such as the HWV/HTV Chur or the NTB Buchs ensure the training of qualified staff with an alert mind. The Canton of Grisons’ efforts in business development led to ideal conditions for uncomplicated company foundations and construction permits.



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